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KIKUSUMI story begins as the oldest type of charcoal made in Japan dating back 300,000 years. It was widely used in everyday cooking starting from the Yayoi Era. To make this type of ‘SUMI’ (charcoal) requires a special type of domed kiln made of earth. Logs cut from the Kunugi (oak) tree in Japan are roasted slowly over 12 days during a process that requires extraordinary patience and precision.  Once complete, a cut through the charcoal reveals a beautiful KIKU (chrysanthemum flower) pattern. The ‘Shokunin’ spirit expressed in the crafting of Kikusumi charcoal is the inspiration behind each Kikusumi knife. T

Kikusumi was founded a chef who spent decades creating food & living the artisan life in Japan.  Now as the lead designer of Kikusumi products he applies that very knowledge and commitment to creating exceptional tools & knives.  What sets Kikusumi apart is our collaborative process with the best artisans in Japan.  Each product begins with an exploration of its past.  Origin is important to us and we show this respect by incorporating it into each product’s character.  Minimalist designs are meticulously finished to our exacting standards & use only premium materials.   At Kikusumi we make better knives & tools so you can create better food.