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KIKUSUMI story begins as the oldest type of charcoal made in Japan dating back 300,000 years. It was widely used in everyday cooking starting from the Yayoi Era. To make this type of ‘SUMI’ (charcoal) requires a special type of domed kiln made of earth. Logs cut from the Kunugi (oak) tree in Japan are roasted slowly over 12 days during a process that requires extraordinary patience and precision.  Once complete, a cut through the charcoal reveals a beautiful KIKU (chrysanthemum flower) pattern. The ‘Shokunin’ spirit expressed in the crafting of Kikusumi charcoal is the inspiration behind each Kikusumi Black Ceramic knife. The glowing red Kikusumi flower represents the moment of creation, adding an element of beauty to each matte black ceramic knife to inspire the cook’s creativity each time the knife is used.

Kikusumi Black Ceramic Blades contain our proprietary blend of premium zirconium oxide #4 that forms knives 50 times harder than steel.  Black Ceramic blades are fired at temperatures above 2700°F forming stronger, denser blades that hold an edge longer than other ceramic knives and stay sharp 10 times longer than steel blades.  Each serrated knife blade is ground then sharpened at calculated intervals to create a scalloped blade with points that grab and hold while slicing through even the toughest crusts and fruit rinds.  Kikusumi ceramic blades strike the right balance between weight and strength and make cutting straight easier than ever before.

Kikusumi products are the result of a meticulous design process combining ancient craftsmanship, imagination and new technologies.