Corporate & Special Event Gifts

Plan a memorable gift to give to your employees, company events attendees, loyal customers or special someone in your life. Kikusumi offers exceptional products to fit all budgets that are perfect for gifts.  Consult your sales representative or contact our customer service team at to come up with the best gift package.

Custom Engraving

Show your appreciation for your staff, clients with the most memorable of gifts.  Custom engrave names or logos onto the Kikusumi knives of your choice.  Work together with our custom product service team to arrange your order ( or if you have any questions.

What Is The Process For Custom Engraving?

Step 1. Deciding the product to be engraved.

Step 2. Deciding the logo or writing to be engraved.

Step 3. Deciding the size and location of engraving.

Step 4. . Email our custom knife service team with the above information. An engraving specialist will reach out to you shortly afterwards with a quote and lead time.

Step 6. Order Confirmation. We will communicate the lead time for production and estimate a completion time. All custom engraving sales are final sale and 100% payment is required upon order. Volume discount is applicable to custom knife orders.  Once the order is confirmed, no changes can be made to the knife.

Please contact our custom knife service team ( to arrange your order or if you have any questions.