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Ceramic knife design always begins with the blade.  It all starts with the selection of top grade zirconia sourced from Australia.  A 45-day process is used to craft the Kikusumi ceramic knife and after their shape is formed Kikusumi blades are put through a cold isostatic press before being fired in a bell kiln above 1500°C (2700°F) for at least 4 days.  Throughout the firing an intelligent temperature control system keeps the temperature stable at +-1°C which results in a tighter weave between ceramic molecules which in turn makes the blade more durable.  Kikusumi ceramic knives go through a second sintering process at a slightly lower temperature during which the iconic Kikusumi flower logo is emblazoned onto the ceramic knife blade.  Once cooled the a high-tech laser beam engraves the full Kikusumi logo into the opposite side of the blade thus ensuring customers know they are receiving a premium product with refined details.