SAZANAMI  ZA18 Super Steel 69 Layer Damascus Knife

SAZANAMI means ripples on water and takes its name from the ripple-like Damascus pattern that adorns on each blade in this series.  Sazanami knives are finished with a high-polish mirror surface that highlights its pure form and laser-like edges.  The Sazanami knife is thin and light, with a superior cutting edge due to its laser-thin design that effortlessly cuts through foods with very little resistance.   Finished with a brilliant mirror polish that is not only visually beautiful, it also makes the blade easier to clean and maintain. SAZANAMI is a knife that is as much a joy to use as it is to look at and will sure to be a talking point with guests in a contemporary home or at the counter of an open-kitchen restaurant.  Forged by artisans from a new super steel core  called  ZA18 that is enveloped with a 69 layer-damascus steel.  ZA18 steel is superior in quality to the popular VG10 steel by virtue of greater hardness and improved rust resistance.

The SAZANAMI is a knife for cooks who want a beautiful contemporary professional knife that is light, precise and easy to maintain.   The detailed fit and finish on every knife is extraordinary even by Japanese knife standards.   Cypress and ebony woods were chosen for the ambidextrous OCTO handles for their comfort, looks and longevity.   The blades are laser sharp and forged from a new type of super steel that improves on the popular VG10 steel qualities.   Each knif receives three distinct markings which have been punched into the steel by hand and tool – the SAZANAMI logo in its original font, [its place of origin Chiba in kanji and the Kikusumi logo. The SAZANAMI knife embodies the improvements of the past 10 years in the crafting of knives.  It is exhibits excellence in both its functional qualities and its minimalist aesthetic.

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