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Kurouchi knife

BLACK GHOST Kurouchi knife collection is an original collection created in collaboration with one of the best steel forgers in Japan.  Traditionally knives are forged with certain finishes and fit with standard handles.  Kurouchi finish is a classic way to control rust when treating carbon steels like aogami blue or shirogami white steel. What would happen if we applied this method to a high carbon stainless steel we asked?   A unique finish different on every blade is the answer.  This is BLACK GHOST.  Sometimes very black but sometimes speckled.   The randomness of fire determines each blade’s final look.



G3 Steel Kurouchi Finsih

Choosing the Best Vegetable Knife

Choosing the best knife for cutting vegetables it is important to consider the size of the vegetable and the intended result.  In the case of onions, cabbage or melons we want a reasonably thin slice that is easy to cook in a uniform way.   A knife that is tall across the blade yet thin and sharp will create the best result.  Santoku and Kyogata Nakiri are designed for this type of job.

Kyogata is differs from regular nakiri in that the front end is slanted and a unique Kyoto version.  This nakiri knife is a must have in kitchens processing large amounts of vegetables and fruit for smoothies, soups and salads  For preparing fruit and vegetables the BLACK GHOST Kyogata Nakiri is a remarkably consistent and precise tool to own with a beautiful look and feel that inspires. For professionals or everyday cooks this nakiri will improve your cutting efficiency saving you time.  

Santoku offers greater all around precision as its blade is designed to cut, slice and peel in a varitey of ways. Unlike a nakiri, a santoku has a tip which makes it useful for everything you cut.  The high quality of forging is what distinguishes this series.  With BLACK GHOST kurouchi knife collection you get better texture or mouth feel when cutting.  The blade edge is very easy to sharpen, takes a brilliantly sharp edge and with retain this sharpness longer than other knives.

BLACK GHOST kurouchi knife Nakiri
BLACK GHOST kurouchi knife Santoku

“BLACK GHOST collection was designed to express traditional elements of Kyoto and Sakai styles of knife making.  We designed handles adding more sustainable material utilizing local cypress wood with calculated weighting to maximize cutting performance.


Creating a high performance knife that inspires creative cooking requires careful thought in design and brilliant craftsmanship.  BLACK GHOST kurouchi knives began with a look back into the history of knives in the Kansai area (Kyoto, Osaka & Kobe).  Regional variation occur in blacksmithing just like with food and fashion.  Kyogata nakiri takes its name and design shape from Kyoto.  The flat tip has a greater slope than other regional nakiri shapes.  Kurouchi is a tradtional way to manage rust development on high carbon blades.  We asked what would happen if we applied it a more modern high performance steel like G3.  The results were a beautiful speckled effect with considerable variation from blade to blade.  The chemistry between the fire and steel determined the final appearance.  This is creativity!