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SILVER GHOST is named for the signature luminescent white line that forms on the blade and is unique on every single blade.  The overall image evokes a genuine Japanese sword characterized by its elegance, mystery and luxurious materials.  Subtle and minimalist, the SILVER GHOST is the knife for the demanding connoisseur of luxurious hand-crafted knives.  Every blade and handle are seamlessly integrated to give the knife a feeling of balance, precision and beauty.  It is a collection of knives  designed to enhance the cook’s ability to create exceptional food.  Unleash your creativity with the Kikusumi SILVER GHOST .


Each element of the knife is made by a master craftsman holding the esteemed title of Dentou Kogeshi – the highest level achievable in Japan.  In their hands knives are crafted to attain excellent edge retention, exquisite balance and a remarkably refined overall fit and finish.  Refinements include a chamfered spine, rounded highly polished “ago” – chin and Honkasumi grade finish


G3  Super Steel has hardness like carbon steels which gives it exceptional edge sharpness and retention.  Its exceeds traditional carbon steels because it is also rust-resistant.  Combining blade performance on par with the very best white and blue steels with easier maintenance makes G3 Super Steel the blades to own.  Few forging artisans are willing to work with G3 because it demands a very high level of skill, work and experience to forge well.  At Kikusumi a forged by a 1st rank master craftsman in Sakai who has received the “dentou kougei shi” award from the Japanese Ministry of Trade and Industry.  With many years of forging experience at the highest level, he is one of the best in the world at forging G3 steel.  SILVER GHOST hand forged knives are assembled and given a stunning polish finish before the Kikusumi logo is carefully punched in to one side of the blade.


SILVER GHOST handles are crafted one at a time by hand from ebony wood with a finish and smoothness that looks gorgeous and feels even better.  Ebony is the most difficulty wood to craft and is prized for both its density and longevity.  Each handle is fitted with a uniquely beautiful black buffalo horn collar that bridges the space between handle and blade.  Extra care is taken in the crafting of the knife so that a seamless joint between the handle and ferrule feels smooth to the touch.  Handle narrows slightly towards the blade to improve grip and overall performance.  The natural lines create a wonderfully ergonomic fit that is ideal for a kitchen knife handle.  For Japanese knives the octagonal or “hachikaku” handle is the first choice for the best knives.  Grip, feel and durability are key considerations during design with skilled craftsmen who make Kikusumi knives.


The origin of the KIkusumi SILVER GHOST is rooted in the cultural history of Sakai which stretches back over 600 years.  Honyaki knives are “true-forged” meaning that they are constructed entirely out of one material.  In this case a new Japanese super steel we call G3.  Craftsmen require superior skill to forge honyaki knives and in the past chefs need a lot of experience to use and care for them.   Every blade is forged. polished and sharpened in Sakai, Japan by blacksmiths holding the esteemed title of Dentou Kogeshi to deliver high carbon steel performance with stain and rust resistance for easier maintenance and enhanced durability.