G3 is a new type of super steel chosen for the Kikusumi SILVER GHOST collection of knives.  It closely matches the superior blade performance of high carbon steels like shirogami and aogami yet offers easier maintenance and rust resistance.  G3 stain resistant steel is characterized by high precision sharpness, easy maintenance and impressive resistance to rust.  This translates to more time spent enjoying cooking and less time on knife maintenance.  Whether you are a busy chef at home or working in a fast-paced professional environment this difference will be appreciated.

Each G3 steel blade is forged from a single type of steel in the honyaki style by heating, hammering, shaping, tempering and cooling by a master craftsman in Sakai, Japan.  After the blacksmith has completed his work, another master craftsman refines the blade edge by hand using a combination of wheels and stones available only in Japan. The end result after a lengthy 3 month process is a knife blade of remarkable precision and beauty.

One of the beautiful features of the SILVER GHOST is the luminescent pattern that appears on the lower portion of the blade called the kireha.  The SILVER GHOST features a “Kasumi” which is the result of a time intensive process in which artisans rub the knife blade with natural stone powder to create the unique ghost-like white line revered by knife and sword connoisseurs.  The term `kasumi’ refers to how the knife is sharpened, featuring the hazy appearance of the soft iron of the blade in contrast to the glossy carbon steel cutting edge. For kasumi knives you must combine the two materials then stretch the steel, which is extremely difficult.

Once complete the G3 blades are attached to handcrafted ebony wood handles fitted with a black buffalo horn collar.  The seamless integration of blade and handle gives the knife a true feeling of balance, precision and ergonomic comfort.  Octagonal ebony handles and water buffalo ferrules provide a comfortable non-slip grip.  The quality of the knives is matched only by the Kikusumi Platinum Warranty that guarantees our customers will be satisfied.

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