EVENT: UNU Farmers Market Aoyama January 7 – 8 2023

TOKYO UNU Farmers Market Aoyama Tokyo

January 7 – 8 2023

Beautiful sunny weather made for a perfect start to 2023!   First weekend of 2023 began with 2 unique celebration events at the UNU Farmers Market in Aoyama.   On Saturday the UNU Market staff prepared fresh sake to welcome us all into the new year.   Visitors were greeted at the market entrance by warm smiles and free sake.  

Sunday saw a special food truck event with New Year ozoni served at the foot of the UNU building.  Ome Farm contributed their organic vegetables to a delicate soup broth made with a combination of kombu and chicken stock.  Softened mochi sat on top of the soup created by Chef Yoko Aoyagi.

A rich blue sky framed the electric red and white fabric banners artfully created by spatial artists ENWA.  ENWA arrive early Saturday mornings and meticulously string the banners throughout the market.  Amazingly, every weekend sees a different design that contributes to the UNU Farmers Market energetic vibe.

At Kikusumi Shop we introduced our newest knife line called STRATUS. Named for the undulating layers of damascus steel the STRATUS knives are finished with gorgeous mirror polished VG10 stainless steel blades.

Besides artisan knives we also offer our special selection of crafts from Echizen and Tsubame Sanjo.  As always we curate our choices to the minimum – offering only the very best craftsmanship.

Our KiFlora line of aroma and wood products flanks the left side as guests enter the booth.  KiFlora was born from our desire to utilize as much as possible of our natural wood materials.  Aomori Hiba and Kiso Hinoki trees grow slowly over hundreds of years.  When they are cut a new tree is planted to replace them.  At Kikusumi when we create cutting boards and knife handles from these materials we generated offcuts.  These offcuts are then up-cycled into wood chips, threads and aroma products.  100% natural essential oils, water and bath salts are created.  Enjoy the relaxing effects and aromas while knowing we harvest sustainable and minimal waste natural trees.  Respecting mother earth is one of our company priorities.

Next market is JANUARY 14 ~15 2023 …. we hope to see you there!

UNU Farmers Market Aoyama TOKYO

10:00 am ~ 16:30 pm

5 Chome-53-70 Jingumae, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0001


渋谷区神宮前5–53–70, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 150-0001

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